Sherry’s Smokehouse, Shields Road, Glasgow

With a name containing smokehouse, well you’d think there would be a wide array of smoked items. There is brisket, ribs and smoked chicken on the menu…but none was available so we ordered the Peppa Oooza burger and Charcoal grilled chicken loaded fries.

The Peppa Oooza Burger is described as a handmade beef patty cooked over charcoal, with a pepperoni sauce-filled centre which oozes out as you bite into it. It certainly ooozed, just what was wanted, however, more pepper than pepperoni, like a peppercorn sauce and this overwhelmed what tasty charcoal grilled taste of the well made burger.

sherry's smokehouse peppa oooza burger

The chips served alongside weren’t anything to write home about. Average takeaway chips. A big portion but nothing special.

sherry's smokehouse

I picked the Charcoal Grilled Chicken Loaded Fries described as “chicken breast coasted with our savoury house mix and cooked to perfection over charcoal” I chose to have BBQ sauce as my additional sauce.

sherry's smokehouse

It’s only since I have been able to look closely at the photo on the desktop that I could see that the chicken was chargrilled. I couldn’t taste it with the amount of BBQ sauce coating the chicken. Totally overwhelmed the chicken and I ended up leaving most of it as it was just a sweet and sticky mess.



Disappointing. Lots of sauce which meant that you couldn’t taste anything. We liked Lucky B’s chicken much more.


Sherry’s Smokehouse, 417 Shields Road, Glasgow, G41 1NY

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