Coronavirus COVID-19 New Scottish Government Guidelines Released

News on Beer Gardens, Shops and Face Coverings

The Scottish Government has today announced that the country has moved into the second phase of the four phase route map out of lockdown.  Whilst trying to return to some sort of normality and enable the virus to be contained.

Changes include:-

From 19 June: 

people who are shielding are able to leave their home for exercise and to meet with 1 other household outdoors (max 8 people in total) with physical distancing from 18 June.

They are also able to take part in non-contact outdoor activities such as golf, hiking, fishing

people who are not shielding can now meet with more households outside. Limit increased from meeting 1 household to meeting 2 households; 8 person overall limit and need for physical distancing remains

they can also use toilets indoors while visiting the outdoors of another household (Hygiene measures are essential)

certain household types can now meet others indoors in an ‘extended household’

People should continue to stay in their local area as much as possible and should not travel more than broadly five miles for leisure or recreation

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From 22 June:

Face coverings are mandatory on public transport

places of worship can re-open for individual prayer and contemplation

professional sport can resume – with public health restrictions remaining in place

dental practices can re-open to see patients with urgent care needs

construction sector can implement remaining phases of sectoral plan

college and university staff can return to make essential preparations for restart in Phase 3

consistent with Phase 2, accommodation allowed for those required to stay away from home for work purposes

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From 29 June

indoor (non-office) workplaces resume once relevant guidance is implemented – Includes: factories, warehouses, labs and research facilities – Excludes: indoor workplaces due to open in Phase 3 (e.g. non-essential offices and callcentres)

street-access retail can re-open once guidance is implemented. Interiors of shopping malls/ centres remain closed for non-essential shops until Phase 3

outdoor markets can re-open once guidance implemented

relaxation on restrictions on housing moves

outdoor sports courts can re-open

playgrounds can re-open

registration offices open for high priority tasks

marriages and civil partnerships allowed with minimal attendees – outdoors only

zoos and garden attractions can open but should remain limited to local access only (broadly within 5 miles) in this phase

childrens playground

A review will be conducted on  2nd July based on scientific advice on potentially higher transmission risk activities and settings including re-opening outdoor hospitality spaces safely (e.g. beer gardens, on-street seating).

For the full Scottish Government document – click this link.

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