Mikaku launch new Robata Grill Bar

Mikaku’s Robata Grill Bar officially opened last night on Queen Street in Glasgow city centre.

This is a new offering from Glasgow’s Little Tokyo serving up succulent skewers including chicken, wagyu beef and a selection of fresh vegetables alongside a selection of cocktails.


What is Robata (ろばた)?‘

Robata’ is short for ‘robatayaki’ (炉端焼き) which translates as ‘fireside cooking.’ Originating in Hokkaido, the style of cooking was devised by fishermen from traditional tea ceremonies conducted on an open fire pit. 

The cooking style refers to a method of cooking over hot charcoal on a wide and flat open fireplace, similar to barbecuing.

The flavour of food cooked on the robata grill is typically succulent inside with a crisp, smoked exterior.  

Here are some images of what to expect

mikaku robata bar and grill


Mikaku, 45 Queen Street, Glasgow, 3EF


Opening Hours

The Robata Grill Bar is open from 5pm – 11pm, seven nights a week.

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