Thomson’s Coffee, Giffnock

Historic Glasgow company with sleek modern surroundings

There has always been a special place in my heart for Thomson’s coffee. (Click here for a piece on our sister site about Thomson’s). I have many happy memories standing looking into the Renfield Street shop and sniffing the gorgeous coffee aroma wafting out. If only I had taken photos! Deanston Bakery had no cinnamon buns earlier, so we took the bus to Giffnock to see what was on sale at Thomsons Coffee shop. (click here for more Southside reviews)

thomsons coffee shop giffnock
thomsons coffee shop giffnock
thomsons coffee shop giffnock

We just got into the shop in time, what was a sunny morning turned into a showery afternoon, so a long black for Mark and a warming chai for me. The chai chocolate bun was calling Marks name, whereas the millionaire doughnut was calling for me.

thomsons coffee shop giffnock


Those bar stools weren’t my fave, some nice comfy chairs would make this perfect, however, the tasty coffee and chai plus the friendly service made up for it.

Where is Thomson’s Coffee Shop?

Transport to Thomson’s Coffee Shop

Stagecoach and First Bus services stop outside.

Traveline Scotland website for the latest information

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