Dini Pizza and Espresso Bar, Pollokshields

The morning (OK it was afternoon) after the night before and we needed carbs. Dini, in Pollokshields, had pizza which sounded like the carb base we needed.

Inside Dini

Clean and tidy, we just timed it when a couple of tables were leaving so it was quiet.



What we ate and drank

Mark had a cortado to keep him going whilst our pizzas cooked.

Which wasn’t really much time at all.

The pizzas were Naples style, so a chewy and fluffy crust and a wet interior. 

Tuna, chillies, onion and olives. A thin based pizza with a proper amount of toppings. Watch out, those chillies kick.

Filetta di Buffalo for me. DOP Buffalo, cherry tomatoes, oregano, garlic and fresh basil. Another thin base and Naples style sauce to cheese ration, so I was happy. Creamy cheese and the crust 😍

There is a selection of sweet treats on offer, we were full as had pudding first, ice cream at La Gelatessa on our way along.


Friendly and welcoming service with homely pizza to match. We’ll be back for pizza and to have more coffee, with treats this time!


Dini Pizza and Espresso Bar, 144 Nithsdale Road, Pollokshields, Glasgow, G41 5RB


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