News: Demijohn to close Byres Road branch

Demijohn to re-locate to York


Demijohn is to close its Byres Road branch and re-locating its main retail base to York, and concentrating its retail, mail order, concession and wholesale business from this new larger base.

The company say they will be creating a  new Demijohn Club, where customers will enjoy exclusive evening events such as Cocktail Master Classes in-store.

New concessions at farm shops and delicatessens are planned for 2020, as well as a much broader trade offering.

Demijohn Glasgow York

Angus Ferguson, MD and Founder of Demijohn said: “Since we founded 15 years ago, high street retailing has undergone a huge change, with the most pronounced shift being within the last 3 years.  We have to make some dramatic changes to remain successful.

Our amazing environmentally conscious customers are demanding greater availability of our products closer to them, across the World.  So staying true to our eco-friendly ethos and entrepreneurial spirit, we aim to revolutionise 21st century retail and make changes in the most environmentally friendly way possible. Our new Demijohn Club, running from York, will utilise biodegradable containers to allow our customers to refill their Demijohn bottles at home or refill at our new smaller, more efficient concession outlets dotted throughout the UK.

Demijohn Glasgow York

“It is a new direction for the company but one in which we plan to expand and develop over the next decade and beyond. At Demijohn we have a great relationship with our customers, many of whom have become friends, and we will not desert them, but will enfold them into the Demijohn Club. Above all we are committed to continuing in being a sustainable, environmentally friendly company with a minimum carbon footprint, which we believe this new direction allows.”

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