Valentine’s Feast from Amore

For love in lockdown try Amore

It’s Valentine’s Day again soon, and this time, with lockdown still in place, you are going to have to show off your culinary skills at home aren’t you? Or maybe not, as Amore have a takeaway three-course meal including wine that is not only budget-friendly but tasty as well.

For £39 you get an Amore combo starter, a heart-shaped pizza, a pasta, two desserts and a bottle of wine – fab!

All you have to do is get the music ready and you are sorted. 🌹


Amore Glasgow valentines menu

Here’s the menu for your choices:-

Amore Glasgow menu


We sampled this deal during the week and it arrived bang on time and even in the packaging, it looked good. ❤️

Amore Glasgow valentines feast menu

So what did we get…

The Amore Combo to start is a mix of deep-fried breaded mushrooms, deep-fried breaded mozzarella sticks and stuffed jalapeño peppers served with sweet chilli sauce and garlic mayonnaise. All snacky and tasty and easy to re-heat as the 3 courses are very filling. Plus points for the very garlicky mayo, which we would pick over the chilli sauce with Italian cuisine, though it’s good to have a choice if you’re not a big garlic fan.

Amore Glasgow valentines feast menu

Our first main was a pizza – Pizza Margherita with fresh basil.🌿

We used to think that it was always better to go with extra toppings on pizza but after visiting Naples a few years ago we realised that many, perhaps even most pizza restaurants there keep it simple. Why complicate things when tomato, cheese and basil work so well? Note that if you order this for Valentine’s Day it will arrive heart-shaped! ❤️

Our second main was Penne del femio – Italian sausage sautéed in olive oil, onion, garlic, chilli, white wine and ragu. Listed as a house special we were keen to try this and it was really spicy. Obviously, it had a tasty aroma too as our cat Fred appeared on the scene. We gave him a few pieces of sausage, which we happily devoured despite the heat!

Amore Glasgow valentines feast menu Desserts

Our chosen desserts were the classic Italian Tiramisu and a banoffee cheesecake. Both sweet and creamy and each coming with a little tub of vanilla ice cream.

We can’t forget the vino! We chose rose from a choice or red, white or rose wine, which was A Mano Primitivo 2019, it scores 3.7 out of 5 on Vivino. A crisp and light wine with strawberry and lemon flavours, perfect for the various types of dishes we had.




+ Budget-friendly Valentine’s meal
+ Delivered on time
+ Good-quality wine



Amore Ristorante Pizzeria – collection and delivery
Ingram Street,
Glasgow, G1 1EZ

TEL: 0141 553 0810


Order through the Amore website



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Disclaimer: we received a complimentary meal but Fred said that it was worth paw-ing for, sorry, I mean paying for!

Purr of honour from Fred

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