Deliveroo Editions – Bulked Loaded Fries

Indulgent fries…if you aren’t hungry

It’s getting darker and colder. Sometimes, when you get in from a long day, you just need carbs. That and a money off code helped seal the deal for trying Bulked Loaded Fries through Deliveroo.

They are based in one of the Deliveroo centralised kitchens, this one is in West Street.

We ordered the “indulgent meal for two”, a portion of loaded fries, two sides and two drinks.

Just look at that indulgence….

You pay extra for the cheeseburger fries (25p) extra (35p) for chicken tenders and extra (20p) for mozzarella sticks, and just to top it off, extra 20p for Fanta Lemon. Sneaky.

So what do you get, a box of fries topped with “cheeseburger fries – skin on fries mixed with a seasoning of your choice (er nope), topped with diced Aberdeen Angus steak burger patties (hahaha), American cheese, American mustard and BBQ Sauce. Certainly could taste the BBQ sauce and mustard, think the cheese was still in America.

Expectation, from Bulked Loaded Fries


As for the “diced Aberdeen Angus steak burger patties” They tasted average and must have been small patties.

The chicken tenders were tender if overcooked on the outside. 

 The mozzarella sticks were overcooked so no cheese pull, more a cheese snap.



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