Bacchialdis, Airdrie

A visit to Airdrie viral cafe

It might not be the back of Aldis anymore since Aldi moved up the road, however BacchiPureGym doesn’t have the same ring.

A sunny day meant a day out, Airdrie was picked for exploring so off we went.

Straight off the train and we were in the cafe in minutes. Just as well, as by the time we had decided where to go and get there, our stomachs were rumbling.

Outside, the cafe is set in not the most appealing of areas, a crumbling alleyway. Don’t let that put you off.

Inside, it is clean and tidy with a warm welcome.


There’s a large takeaway menu as you walk in.

Pick a table and you’ll find the menu beside the condiments.

On the menu as traditional breakfast dishes inc Eggs Benedict. Soup, fish tea, lasagne, burgers, hot dogs and a wide variety of toasties and paninis.

What we ate

Mark picked the Tartan Toastie. A toastie filled with 2 lorne sausage, 2 haggis and Scottish cheddar. It was quickly devoured, very tasty was the verdict.

I picked the medium breakfast, which consisted of lorne sausage, bacon, potato scone, fried egg, beans plus 2 slices of toast and either tea or coffee. Very happy with this dish, another potato scone wouldv’e made this heavenly for me, I am a potato scone addict. Next time I’ll order another tattie scone.

The cakes looked amazing, however we had more exploring to do, so had to save some calories.


An excellent local cafe which was clean and tidy, friendly service and tasty food. A popular spot and rightly so.

We’ll be back for some cake.


Bacchialdis, 3 Louden Street, Airdrie, ML6 6BL

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