Peperami launch GPS Picnic Blanket

Peperami Drone Picnic Delivery, Twickenham, London, UK - 17 Aug 2021

Panic button for a perfect picnic

Marmite sandwiches (25 per cent), hard-boiled eggs (12 per cent) and pork pies (12 per cent) are just some of the traditional picnic staples that have been eliminated from our picnic baskets, according to a new poll commissioned by Peperamial picnic basket basics such as sausage rolls.

Peperami have come up with a smart solution for those sick of soggy sandwiches and boring breadsticks. The brand has produced the UK’s first GPS enabled picnic blanket.  Fitted with a picnic panic button, once pushed, the blanket can share its geolocation giving al fresco diners the ability to receive pimped up picnic favourites to their precise location.

Through cutting-edge technology, the ‘Pepnic Blanket’ delivers dishes by drone to people outdoors wherever they were; from local parks to the coast and even their back gardens – without taking a single step.

Peperami Drone Picnic Delivery, Twickenham, London, UK -  17 Aug 2021

The product has only entered the initial stages of development and is currently being tested in several picnic hotspots across the UK. Currently, the blankets are not for sale and a timeline has not been set defining when they will become available.

Pavan Chandra, Head of Brand at Peperami commented on the prototype, “Peperami has always been a popular choice for picnics, therefore felt we were perfectly placed to come up with a solution that would make lacklustre picnics go from boring to brilliant.

“We love to surprise our fans with new, innovative solutions that make it easier and more enjoyable to tuck into their favourite Peperami products – from the iconic Original stick to our popular Chicken Bites and Snack Boxes. Our mission is to one day make Peperami products available to people, wherever they are.

Peperami Drone Picnic Delivery, Twickenham, London, UK -  17 Aug 2021

To be in with a chance to win one of five picnic basket bundles. fanimals must head to @PeperamiTV and comment on the competition post, naming their favourite picnic item.


Marmite sandwiches (25 per cent)
Hummus (16 per cent)
Cucumber sandwiches (14 per cent)
Hard-boiled egg (12 per cent)
Corned beef (12 per cent)
Pork pie (12 per cent)
Scotch egg (10 per cent)
Egg and cress sandwich (9 per cent)
Chicken drumsticks (9 per cent)
Coleslaw (8 per cent)
Quiche (8 per cent)
Crisp sandwich (8 per cent)
Sausage rolls (7 per cent)
Pasta salad (7 per cent)
Breadsticks and dips (7 per cent)
Potato salad (6 per cent)
Crudites (6 per cent)
Ham sandwich (6 per cent)
Crisps (5 per cent)
Fruit salad (4 per cent)

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Peperami Drone Picnic Delivery, Twickenham, London, UK -  17 Aug 2021

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