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Cranhill Water Tower

Glasgow’s own space ships

Don’t worry these aren’t invaders from an alien world, or remains from H.G. Wells’s The War of the Worlds, these large buildings are water towers.

Cranhill water tower Glasgow

Cranhill water tower Glasgow The water tower in Cranhill has become famous over the years as a landmark, and so much so that it has been illuminated with lights since around 1999.

Cranhill water tower Glasgow

Cranhill water tower Glasgow

Built in 1951 by  FA Macdonald and Partners to supply water to the new housing estate ofCranhill. The water comes from pump water Loch Katrine and is released, by gravity, to the homes. The water tower at Cranhill is special as it is square, most water towers are circular.


junction of Stepps Road and Bellrock Road


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Cranhill water tower Glasgow

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