ALDI give support Scottish Food and Drink Fortnight

Local products on ALDI shelves this fortnight

Local products from 23 Scottish suppliers have arrived at all 96 Aldi Scotland stores as part of this year’s Scottish Food & Drink Fortnight.

We visited our local ALDI  yesterday for a nosey and to buy some goodies.  On sale is sustainably reared Scottish venison ready-meals. The range, supplied by Findowie Farmhouse, will include Venison Lasagne and Venison Chilli.  We bought the venison lasagne to try.

Also on sale is Scottish Buffalo Mozzarella.  The cheese is produced using milk from Water Buffalos flown in from Venezuela in 2005 which are now roaming the hills of Fife-based The Buffalo Farm.

Scottish buffalo Mozzarella Aldi Other premium products on sale include luxury Loch Fyne True North Live Oysters (got these to try as well), Simon Howie Black Pudding Truffles and Scotch Beef Rump Steaks with Garlic Butter. Some other goodies we bought include Rora yoghurt, We hae meat lamb Lorne, Highland Fine Cheeses Minger and Bon Accord rhubarb soda


Graham Nicolson, Group Buying Director, Aldi Scotland said: “Scottish Food & Drink Fortnight is one of the biggest dates in our calendar, allowing us to put the spotlight fully on a fantastic collection of Scottish producers.

“Our industry, like many others, has faced a challenging year, with many local suppliers having to adapt in innovative ways to survive. Despite the turbulence, we have continued to see a great show of strength from producers, whose passion and creativity are the cornerstones of Scotland’s world-renowned reputation in food and drink.

“This year, we have been working closer than ever with the team at Scotland Food & Drink to understand the most effective steps we can take to support the sector, and we are excited to bring our largest ever Specialbuy range of Scottish-sourced products to our customers, which will truly highlight the diversity and talent of our local suppliers.

“Our main ambition in Scotland is to help local farmers, manufacturers and food producers flourish. At Aldi Scotland, we understand the incredible diversity of fresh produce that we have on our doorsteps, and pride ourselves on the relationships we have established with suppliers. These relationships not only support supplier ambitions but allows us to provide our customers with a wide choice of high-quality, locally sourced products.”

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Suppliers and products included in Aldi’s Scotland Food & Drink Fortnight campaign are:

Loch Fyne True North Live Oysters (6 pack) – £3.99

Brownings Chicken & Haggis Pie (180g) – £1.39

McIntosh Steak & Black Pudding Pies (2 pack) – £1.29

Findowie Farmhouse Venison Lasagne (380g) – £2.49

We hae meat Black Eye Sausage (280g) – £1.59

Simon Howie Black Pudding Truffles (500g) – £1.99

Specially Selected Haggis En Croute (470g) – £3.49

The Buffalo Farm Scottish Buffalo Burgers (340g) – £2.99

We hae meat Scotch Lamb Lorne Sausage (270g) – £1.79

Rora Scottish Live Yogurt – strawberry/raspberry (490g) – £1.69

Highland Fine Cheeses Minger (250g) – £2.29

The Buffalo Farm Scottish Buffalo Mozzarella (drained weight 125g) – £1.99

Scotch Beef Rump Steaks with Garlic Butter (2 pack, 480g) – £5.99

Oor Wullie Highland Toffee Braw Chew Bars (150g) – £0.99

Oor Wullie Highland Iron Brew Chew Bars (150g) – £0.99

Oor Wullie Iron Brew Bon Bons (125g) – £0.69

Oor Wullie Highland Toffee Mini Chews (150g) – £0.99

Oor Wullie Highland Iron Brew Mini Chews (150g) – £0.99

Loch Ness Bakery Shortbread Bites – vanilla/chocolate ginger (150g) – £1.19

Nairns Salted Caramel Oat Biscuits (200g) – £0.99

Nairns Mint Choc Chip Oat Biscuits (200g) – £0.99

Tunnocks Caramel Wafer Tub (350g) – £2.49

Tunnocks Caramel Logs (8 pack) – £1.49

Sparkling Sober Mixed Case – Kir Refusal/Nose 750ml £1.69

Irn Bru 1901 750ml £1.99

Mackies Mixed Case crisps – Lorne & Brown Sauce, Haggis Neeps & Tatties 150G £0.99

Bon Accord Ginger Beer 275ml £ 1.29

Bon Accord Rhubarb 275ml £ 1.29

Bells Iced Loaf Fudge Cake (250g) – £1.49

Bells Iced Loaf Gingerbread Cake (250g) – £1.49

Browning’s Large Kilmarnock Pie (500g) – £2.99

Browning’s Steak & Haggis Pie (180g) – £1.39

Punjab Pakora Beer Battered Pakora with Dip (220g) – £1.69

Punjab Pakora Iron Brew Pakora with Dip (220g) – £1.69

McIntosh Macaroni & Bacon Pies (2 pack) – £0.99

Specially Selected Haggis En Croute (470g) – £3.49

Findowie Farmhouse Venison Chilli (380g) – £2.49

Graham’s Family Dairy Kefir Natural Yogurt (350g) – £0.85

Graham’s Family Dairy Kefir Strawberry Yogurt (350g) – £0.85

Graham’s Family Dairy Kefir Mango, Papaya & Passionfruit Yogurt (350g) – £0.85

Scotch Beef Rump Steaks with Garlic Butter (2 pack, 480g) – £5.99

Scottish Cooked Mussels in Tomato & Chorizo Sauce (Xg) – £1.99

Scottish Cooked Mussels in Cider & Cream Sauce (450g) – £1.99

Loch Fyne True North Gin Infused Smoked Salmon (450g) – £2.99

Simon Howie Beef & Haggis Meatballs (300g) – £1.99

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